Bachelorette Parties

Your guests will be stunned by his dramatic entrance. They’ll be mesmerized by his magical language, and then bust a gut as he leaps from one outrageous gag to the next. They’ll be talking about this one of a kind performer for years, taking note of your good taste!

Alex typically plays with and involves his audience in his performance, but he’s extremely adept at knowing who’s “game” and who would prefer to just sit back . His performance is as interactive as his audience wants it to be, and he’ll work directly with you to create a custom performance that’s designed especially for the bride-to-be to make her day even more special.

If you’re trying to think of fun bachelorette party games, Alex the Jester’s unique show will perfectly fit the bill!

He may arrive as a well-dressed cabaret performer from a less visited country in Europe, eager to show you how entertainment is done in the ‘old country’. The guests are completely fooled by this ruse, and have no idea where he’s taking them.

Or ….

He may arrive looking like the joker on a deck of cards.

Alex is ideal for the future bride who likes to laugh and have a good time. He saves his biggest surprise for last. The bride-to-be will NEVER forget this moment — and it’s all completely tasteful!


Among all of the most unusual bachelorette party ideas, Boston based Alex the Jester is in a class all his own!

Whether or not you’re planning a medieval style or Renaissance themed wedding or even thinking about bachelorette party themes, the very appearance of Alex’s the Jester instantly disarms everyone he meets and transports them to a fantasy world where they can loosen up and forget about all the daily stresses of modern life.

Think of it as a Swedish massage for the mind.

You can even expand on the Renaissance or medieval theme with special bachelorette party invitations in a calligraphy style typeface and perhaps bachelorette party favors like vintage-looking costume jewelry, jeweled wine goblets or fanciful scarves.

Think outside the box for a truly spectacular bachelorette bash with Alex the Jester!