Alexander, King of Jesters will delight children of all ages as he introduces them to the wonders of reading at your library!

Through his colorful, zany and family-friendly performance, Alex the Jester deeply engages his youthful audience as he spreads his important message.

This Boston-area entertainer has enchanted children of all ages throughout New England and around the world!

“Everyone received a gift by watching your performance.” Karen Conway, Wenham Public Library, Wenham MA

“Enraptured by the visual gags. Sensational!”Elaine Crane, Wilbraham Public Library, MA 

Many libraries report that they can reach the little kids, but it is harder to keep the older kids coming back to the library. Alex is passionate about keeping the older kids engaged.

His poster, video and promotional materials have more of a Cirque du Soleil flavor, and his show is full of sophistication.

He has had plenty of experience entertaining adults, so he won’t be mistaken for a ‘kiddie act.’ Older kids are drawn to the mischievous antics of the court jester.

His message of the joy of reading is reinforced at the end, when he gives the young readers a bookmark, and personalizes each one with a few words and an autograph.

“Rarely does one program attract so many ages. My own son laughed harder and longer than I’ve ever heard before! Did you hear me laughing hysterically?”Amy Perryman, Camden Public Library, Camden ME

“The most enthusiastic crowd response ever!”Sheila McCormick, Hatfield Public Library, Hatfield MA

“I knew I had been transferred to another place! We all had great fun, and I’d welcome Alex back again in a second.” Janet Cate, Kennebunk Free Library, Kennebunk ME


Alex the Jester’s vibrant and off-beat, family-friendly show is perfect as a summer reading kick-off.  A jester draws a big crowd. He usually stays a little while after his show, posing for photos in his colorful costume and signing autographs.

Not only will your young readers and future readers enjoy this genuine medieval court jester — your staff and associates will enjoy him too!

“I’ve never seen our busy executive director stick around for the whole program as he did with Alex the Jester!”Randall Haines, East Lyme Free Library, Niantic CT

“One young man enthusiastically expressed himself to me repeatedly, ‘This was the best thing I ever seen in my WHOLE LIFE!’ I feel he spoke for many of us.  We had our biggest crowd ever.”Nancy Denman, Duxbury Free Library, Duxbury MA

Sometimes, Alex the Jester is the grand finale to the summer reading program. He is clear about his purpose — to celebrate, thru laughter, a summer full of reading.

Libraries often hire him when they want a big turnout. Hang up his big color posters, and notice how this jester’s image immediately starts getting some buzz.

“It would be hard to overstate how deeply grateful I am.” Bethany Templeton Klem, Saugus Public Library, Saugus MA

“Stunning! You lived up to all the raves I heard from other librarians.” Kitty Schacht, Mansfield Public Library, Mansfield MA 

“We had a huge crowd, and it was obvious by the comments I received that they loved every minute of it.” Martha Richard, Storrs Library, Longfellow MA

“For my last program before I retire, I decided to end with Alex the Jester — my all-time favorite!” Martha Gordon, Wellfleet Public Library, Wellfleet MA

Alex the Jester will collaborate with you to create a customized performance that seamlessly weaves your important message about the value and fun of reading into his lively and audience-engaging show. Who knew that learning could be so much fun?