Alex the Jester, with his immense warmth, charm and zany shenanigans, will blow the roof off your next theatrical production. Your audience will be completely enthralled with his cornucopia of delightful surprises read more…

Corporate Events

Whoosh ! in the blink of an eye, a drab monk becomes a colorful court jester! He’s light on his feet, as he dazzles with his stunts and gets the crowd howling at his sight gags read more…

Festivals & Fairs

Alex the Jester is a natural for family festivals, art festivals, county fairs and other festive gatherings! He’ll bring the alluring magic and colorful costume of a medieval court jester to amaze and delight audiences from the very young to the young at heart read more…

Whenever I have a special event that requires delighting people, I make sure that Alexander King of Jesters is front and center. Even my CFO laughs out loud and that isn’t easy to accomplish. When people find out that I was responsible for Alex’s appearance, I am almost guaranteed employment until our next big event!

Ross Gibson

Vice President, American Superconducter

I do believe, as evidenced by the standing ovation, this jester was once again big hit with our audience. I had two groups of people remark how nice it was to have something clean to laugh at in this day of entertainment. Everyone came out of the auditorium with a huge smile.

Carolyn Mueller

The Littleton Lyceum

Alex the Jester was one of the most delightful, educational and entertaining shows I have seen. The students and teachers who saw the production were entranced with Alex’s talent and skill.

Jennifer Fitzery

Arts and Education Coordinator, Kenan Center, Lockport NY

You were perfect. If you’ll pardon a builder’s term, your closing message ‘hit the nail right on the head’! It couldn’t have gone any better.

Fred Mulligan

Regional Director, Design Build Institute of America