Here he comes! It’s Alexander, King of Jesters, bounding into the room in his funny hat and pointy boots to turn the usual entertainment for wedding receptions on its head!

Your special day will be even more memorable when you choose Alex the Jester to entertain and amaze you and your guests! If you’ve been looking for wedding entertainment ideas, a court jester is a colorful character. A jester brings a healthy dose of medieval flair and comic irreverence to any wedding, whether it’s a themed party from yesteryear, or a celebration that reflects your taste in things a little different

Alex the Jester is the masterful magician of wedding entertainment!

In no time at all, he’ll have you and your guests roaring with laughter and participating in his spirited wedding show, completely captivated as if by some sort of enchantment spell.

“It was like Alex had this amazing intuition.  He just knew how to set up, when to start,  who to play with, and he gave us the perfect ending.   we couldn’t have been happier!”

Amy T.,  Burlington VT

Alex has been delighting audiences for years, but it wasn’t until he finally got married himself that he realized that among the among the many and varied functions he does, a wedding is truly extraordinary. On that special day, two families are connecting. With all the planning that is involved, in addition to the excitement and anticipation, there might be a touch of anxiety that builds up, leading up to the event. Alex’s light-hearted demeanor has an amazing effect.

Like any true jester, he brings your inner child out, and everyone, especially the bride and groom, will instantly relax and feel playful . His show is interactive, getting everyone involved (if they want to be, of course!) and your guests will end up knowing each other a little better as they’re taken in a magical time machine back to medieval times and royal court jesters.

Hiring Alex the Jester for your wedding entertainment will put the fun back into your wedding planning. You can speak to Alex directly, as often as you like. He’s a people person and is happy to go over the entire performance with you until you’re completely comfortable.

If you’re planning a medieval or renaissance-themed wedding, what’s a more perfect way to follow up a sumptuous medieval feast than a court jester?

Everyone knows what a court jester is, but Alex the Jester is the real deal! You don’t have to be a Renaissance Faire regular or a medieval aficionado to appreciate the romance of a medieval wedding.

Make the most wonderful day of your life even better with Alex the Jester!


How to Plan a Medieval Wedding

If you want a truly unique experience for yourself and your guests, a Medieval or Renaissance wedding is a wonderful choice. A richly decorated outdoor or historic castle venue, combined with lavish medieval dress, a traditional feast and lively entertainment creates a very romantic setting for the joining of two people in love. Whether or not you and your partner are history buffs, a renaissance style wedding will make your day even more special. You’ll have some beautiful memories to share with each other, as will your friends and family! Here are some tips for planning the perfect Renaissance or medieval wedding.

Wedding Traditions

You can incorporate whatever traditions feel most meaningful to you. Handfasting is the joining of the bride’s and groom’s hands with a ribbon or cord during the ceremony, symbolizing the joining of their lives together. The tiered wedding cake dates back to renaissance times, when guests brought small cakes and stacked them into a tier. Throwing rice also dates back to renaissance and medieval weddings. 

The Invitation

A proper invitation to a renaissance or medieval wedding would be written on parchment paper using fancy calligraphy. You can get the same look with medieval, gothic or renaissance style fonts. Use a calligraphic font size that’s large enough so that older family members can easily read it. Ask the company that’s making your invitations, or simply look online. There are many olden style typefaces available. You can add a wax seal to the back of the envelope for an even more authentic touch. The wording is important. You can say something like “Hear Ye, Hear Ye – The honour of thy presence is hereby requested at the marriage of –“ and be sure to plainly state that it is a medieval wedding ceremony. You can find sample text at

The Venue

A medieval wedding would often take place close to nature, so an outdoor setting is ideal. If you’re on a tight budget, consider a local park rather than a country club or renting space in an arboretum. Some renaissance festivals even offer wedding packages. If money is no object, consider renting a castle! There are many castles in the U.S., Canada and Europe that rent their premises for weddings. It is also possible to “dress up” a modern space for a medieval look with flowers, tapestries and maybe even replica swords that you can rent from a costume shop! 

How to Dress at a Medieval Wedding

In renaissance times, brides wore blue dresses to symbolize purity, not white! A medieval dress would feature a fitted bodice and full skirt. The wearing of garters is a medieval wedding tradition. It was also very common for the bride to wear a crown of flowers in her hair, as it represented fertility. Flowers such as orange blossoms, ivy and lilies were the traditional choices. They can also be used to decorate your wedding venue. The groom must dress appropriately as well — as a point of reference, think of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table! There are many online resources that show traditional Renaissance dresses, which you can use as a guide if you’re on a budget and trying to put together your own outfits. There are also costume shops where you can purchase or rent renaissance and medieval dresses and attire. You can encourage your guests to dress in period clothing and be creative, or you can have someone greet your guests at the door and present them with masquerade masks.


You can create a very authentic renaissance or medieval wedding by carefully planning the menu. If you’ve hired an adventurous caterer, advise them that traditional foods at this time included fresh game, such as venison or goose. The meat can be served with vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, peas and beans. They ate different kinds of breads. Walnuts, almonds and fruits such as grapes might be served with cheese after the main course. Medieval wedding guests would of course wash that down with ale, cider, mead or spiced wine. If you want to be truly authentic, you should know that potatoes weren’t introduced into Medieval Europe until the 1500s, and they also did not use forks! Though of course, you’re free to modify things a little. Wooden or silver dishes, goblets, rustic baskets, large platters and candles (especially large candelabras) will add to the authenticity. Have the menu selection printed with fancy calligraphy on a parchment scroll rolled up and held together by a decorative ribbon!


 Minstrels, court jesters and jugglers were frequently part of medieval and renaissance wedding entertainment, so they’re ideal as entertainment for a wedding reception. Whether or not you hire a wedding DJ, you’ll want to make a “mixtape” of your favorite medieval music for the occasion. You can even have a wandering troubadour and/or a court jester performing during cocktail hours. Lute playing or hammer dulcimer will set the tone, while allowing conversation to be heard. After the feast, it’s time to bring back you court jester! This will include lots of audience participation with special guests brought up on stage, but only if they’re willing! The show ends with a big finale to massive cheers, and your jester will lead the toast to the happy couple with a personal touch. Glasses clink, and everyone’s smiling. With perfect timing, the jester queues the band (or wedding DJ). A rocking tune kicks the party into overdrive! There is no right or wrong way to design a medieval wedding. Choose the elements that feel right for you. Even little touches go a long way in setting the mood, like a quill pen for the wedding guest book!